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  •  More Affordable Than Your Daily Coffee: We never let finances keep you from doing God's calling on your life.
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Meet Some Of Your Teachers
John Bevere
T.L. Osborn
Dick Eastman
Dean Sherman
Marilyn Hickey
Bayless Conley
John Amstutz
David Shibley
Brian Houston
Blaine Bartel
LaMar Boschman
Stan Dekoven
Willie George
Jack Hayford
Bill Hornsby
Terry Law
Dr. Joyce Meyer
Jim Cobrae
Bill Winston
Jim Feeney
Reinhard Bonnke
Dr. A.R. Bernard
Buddy Bell
Wayne Meyers
What Is The International School Of Ministry?
The ISOM is a 5-trimester Bible Training Program you can easily implement in your church. Through professionally recorded video teachings with some of the world's most respected leaders in ministry, you can now disciple your congregation to be effective ministers of the Gospel... virtually for FREE.
Instant Access
Powerful teachings recorded specifically for the ISOM Curriculum from over 30 experts & leaders like John Bevere, Joyce Meyer, Reinhard Bonnke, & Jack Hayford...
160 Video Sessions
5 Trimesters of professionally recorded video curriculum & training on topics like The Foundations of Faith, Spiritual Warfare, Reaching A New Generation, & Leader's Integrity...
Guides & Workbooks
In-depth breakdown of our easy-to-implement guidelines, group discussions, homework assignments & tests...
Degree Potential
All ISOM students can get an Associates, Bachelors & even a Masters degree in Ministry with qualifying grades.
On- & Offline Learning
Your students can study at their own pace or follow our guided system to reach graduation quicker.
For Over 20 Years, We've Graduated
Thousands Of Leaders From Local Churches
Through The ISOM
Meet The ISOM Founders
Hello... We're Drs. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan, founders of The International School of Ministry®- the largest video Bible school on Earth.

For years, I (Dr. Berin) was the T.V. Producer for the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. I saw millions saved but many not discipled. I've since dedicated my life to help pastors train and equip their people.

I’ve spent the last 20 years traveling around the world filming some of the greatest teachers and experts of the Bible, like Joyce Meyers, John Bevere, Reinhard Bonnke, Jack Hayford, and 26 others, so that I can equip YOU - the local church.

With more than 17,000 training sites in 145 nations, the International School of Ministry® is world-renowned for its cost-effective, professionally recorded & easy-to-implement curriculum focused on knowledge, character and spiritual gifts.
"I believe that this vision for The ISOM Curriculum is of God.
It will inspire God’s people globally and stir them into action as never before."
- Reinhard Bonnke
"People are changed when they get into God’s Word and His Word gets into them. It is the only thing that will produce lasting results and changed lives. ISOM is preparing thousands worldwide to bring forth the Word… and fruit that remains. I am very thrilled to be a part of it."
                                     - Marilyn Hickey
"I believe God has raised the ISOM Curriculum to meet one of the Church’s greatest needs – leadership development. This is one of the most strategic tools in missions today."
                                     - Dr. Dick Eastman
Some of The Valuable Training Modules At Your Fingertips...
...And So Many More!
  • FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH - Bayless Conley
  •  NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY - Dr. John Amstutz
  •  PRAISE AND WORSHIP - Dr. LaMar Boschman
  •  FEAR OF THE LORD - John Bevere
  •  POWER OF PRAYER - Dr. Dick Eastman
  •  MINISTRY OF HELPS - Rev. Buddy Bell
  •  OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY - Rev. Christopher Gornold-Smith
  •  JESUS, OUR HEALER TODAY - Bayless Conley
  •  LIVING BY FAITH - Rev. Bill Winston
  •  INTRODUCTION - Dr. Berin Gilfilan
  •  CELL GROUPS - Rev. Larry Stockstill
  •  POWER EVANGELISM - Reinhard Bonnke
  •  LEADER’S INTEGRITY - Dr. Jack Hayford
International School Of Ministry Tuitions

Associate Degree Program
ISOM Associates of Ministry
1 Year Minimum To Get Degree - Billed monthly, no other fees.
  • Affordable
  • Detailed Class Notes
  • Unlimited Video Class Access
  • World Class Instructors
  • 160+ Lectures
  • Get your degree in as little as 1 year
Bachelor Degree Program
1 Year Minimum To Get Degree, Billed monthly, $100 fee to transfer credits.
  • Affordable
  • Detailed Class Notes
  • Unlimited Video Class Access
  • World Class Instructors
  • 160+ Lectures
  • With associates credit, get your degree in as little as 1 year
PLEASE NOTE: Those wanting to get a Bachelors Degree who don't have Associates credit should do the Associates level first. You will then easily be able to transition into the Bachelors program. Previous Associates credit can be from a community college, Bible college, university or seminary. It can be either secular or biblical but transcripts proving completion should be able to be produced as evidence.
30 Day Curriculum Audit Period 
When you join any ISOM Ministry Degree Program, you will have 30 days to audit the curriculum.  If you for any reason don't feel like our teachers and training are right for you, you can receive a full refund of tuition paid.  
Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?
This isn't just another program - it is a discipleship tool that is directed by the Holy Spirit.  You don't need any pre-requisites for the associates program and can start your degree today, from the comfort of your home.
How Much Does The International School Of Ministry® Cost To Implement?
The ISOM is one of the most affordable high quality programs available. The Associates level, for example, costs $49/mo and the Bachelors only $69/mo
How Long Does The International School Of Ministry® Take To Complete?
The Associates level consists of 5 trimesters, each containing 32 half-hour teaching sessions with notes, group discussions and self study guides. Most schools meet once a week and complete a trimester in 2-4 months. You can complete an Associates level in as little as 1 to 2 years. The Bachelors level takes roughly the same amount of time, but you can go at whatever pace you are comfortable with.
Can I Get A Degree?
Yes! All ISOM students can get an Associates, Bachelors, and even a Masters degree in Ministry with qualifying grades. 
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